About Us

About New Akhi Rent A Car, we offer one of the practical car rental choices for tourists, businessmen and locals who want to use regularly or visit and explore the whole of Bangladesh. We are one of the leading Car Rental in Bangladesh. The company was registered in July 26, 2018 and had been providing service ever since. It provides cheapest car rental rates for self drive, chauffeur drive, drop off and airline crew shuttle. It also provides car service rental for special occasions such as conventions, weddings and debuts.

The service offers a variety of serviced vehicles including Car Sedan, X-Noah, HiAce, Axio, Prado Jeep, Allion/F-Premio, Nissan X trial, Luxurious AC Tourist Bus (TOYOTA/NISSAN) and Pickup/Van which are carefully maintained. These can be availed for a cheap and reasonable rate. Plus, all vehicle rates are flexible hence New Akhi Rent A Car is inviting everyone to drive and have a convenient travel through its practical and easy rent a car service.


Here at New Akhi Rent A Car, we take pride in connecting people during their important events in life. After all, people don’t just rent vehicles for transportation but also a means for accomplishing major tasks like moving to a new house or office, attend special events like weddings, birthdays, making your guests feel comfortable or to simply enjoy quality time with loved ones.


Long hour rides, traffic jams and broken road surfaces can lead to a stressful ride. Thus, we also offer drive around option. Our drivers are highly trained and are trustworthy. The company conducts drug tests annually to all drivers and trained them in Road Safety, Defensive Driving, and Customer Service to ensure a safe and comfortable travel. Also, our drivers have great knowledge about beautiful places in Bangladesh including where to shop and where to find local foods. New Akhi Rent A Car ensure that all their clients will experience the city as a local would.